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20 Golden Currant Shrub Seeds
20 Golden Currant Shrub Seeds
20 Golden Currant Shrub Seeds
20 Golden Currant Shrub Seeds
20 Golden Currant Shrub Seeds

20 Golden Currant Shrub Seeds

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Golden Currant Shrub Black Fruit Yellow Flower Ribes Chrysobotrya Aurea Seeds

The Golden Currant is an ornamental shrub with edible fruit that is native to western North America. In spring, clusters of spicy vanilla-scented flowers attract butterflies and HUMMINGBIRDS. The flowers are edible, and have a very sweet taste! This gourmet delicacy can be used as a dessert or salad topping. (Or wear them in your hair for an on-the-go snack! Ha ha!)

The fruit is a berry called a Currant, and currants are about the same size as a blueberry. The fruit of this Currant starts out yellow and turns black at maturity. Currants can be eaten raw, made into jams & pies, or dried & stored for later use.

These shrubs tolerate most soil conditions including sandy or clay soil. Their water usage is extremely flexible. They can withstand drought or standing water! These properties make it an excellent choice for erosion control.

The Currant Shrub also provides a habitat for woodland creatures, and birds and other small animals will enjoy eating the seeds if you decide to share some. The berries do look stunning against the lovely orange to red fall leaves!

Name: Golden Currant
Other Common Names: Black Currant / Buffalo Currant
Scientific Name: Ribes Aureum Syn. Chrysobotrya Aurea
Color: Yellow Flowers / Black Fruit
Plant Seeds: Fall Sow Seeds or Cold Stratify
Bloom Time: Flowers in Spring (April - May)
Harvest: Fruit July - Aug
Hardiness Zone: 2 - 8
Plant height: 48 - 72"
Plant Spacing: 24 - 36"
Light Requirements: Sun - Part Shade
Soil and Water Preferences: Average