1000 Perique Tobacco Seeds - Seed World
1000 Perique Tobacco Seeds - Seed World
1000 Perique Tobacco Seeds - Seed World
1000 Perique Tobacco Seeds - Seed World

1000 Perique Tobacco Seeds

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Perique Tobacco Seeds ~ Heirloom Nicotiana Tabacum ~ Distinctive Flavor!

Perique is a type of tobacco from Saint James Parish, Louisiana, known for its strong, powerful, and fruity aroma. In 1776, the Choctaw and Chickasaw tribes were cultivating a variety of tobacco with a distinctive flavor.

A farmer named Pierre Chenet is credited with first turning this local tobacco into what is now known as Perique in 1824 through the technique of pressure-fermentation.

The plants grow to 5' or more and will produce 18-22 leaves per plant. But they are usually kept suckerless,  pruned to 12 leaves through their early growth, and harvested before reaching maturity. Leaves are dark green, 10"-12" wide, and 24"-28" in length. Blooming occurs at 55-60 days.


Growing your own tobacco is so easy and not dissimilar to growing tomatoes. Place commercial seedling compost into a tray and soak the soil with water and allow the excess water to drain off. Sprinkle the tobacco seeds onto the surface of the damp soil. Do not cover the seeds, as they need light for germination. Tobacco seeds are very tiny, so be careful to spread the seeds as evenly as possible. Keep the soil damp being careful not to wash the seeds around when you water; better still water from below or use a mist sprayer.

At a temperature of 75-80 degrees, seeds typically take a matter of days to germinate; though at this stage they are still rather small. At lower temperatures, the germination simply takes a few days longer.

Plantlets are ready to be transplanted into bigger pots when the leaves are about 1cm in length. Care should be taken not to disturb the roots. The feed should only be given to established and rapidly growing plants after they have been replanted. Tobacco requires a lot of nitrogen and potash, which can be supplied using standard garden fertilizer. You may want to grow your tobacco using only organic fertilizers.

Ideally, space the tobacco plants about 2 ft. apart in rows 3 ft. apart. Transplant outside in the evening or when it is cloudy and overcast to avoid the youngsters from drying out. Water plants thoroughly after transplanting and water daily until plants become established. Like tomato plants, the branches (suckers, offshoots), should be removed to focus the plant's energy on the large leaves.

Tobacco plants generally require full to partial sunlight to grow properly. Tobacco is ready to be harvested after 60-90 days after germinating.