30 Pink Muhly­ Grass Seeds - Seed World
30 Pink Muhly­ Grass Seeds - Seed World
30 Pink Muhly­ Grass Seeds - Seed World

30 Pink Muhly­ Grass Seeds

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Muhly grass is a native grass that is popular as an ornamental. Pink muhly grass is 2-3 ft. tall, highly ornamental, showy, fluffy pink grass. Upright, slightly arching robust green leaves have a contrasting silvery cast.

The blooming season begins at the end of summer with bright lavender-pink flower panicles floating a foot above the foliage. When the chilly nights of fall arrive, the pastel puffs turn smoky purple. The show continues into winter when frost encrusts the still sturdy seed plumes.

How to Plant and Grow Pink Muhly grass

Plant Pink Muhlygrass Seeds: Sow Pink Muhlygrass seed thinly in cell packs or flats, press into the soil — do not cover. Needs light to germinate. Keep soil evenly moist. Kept at 62-70° F., germination is in 10 to 21 days. For best results, transplant seedlings into 4-inch pots. Once seedlings have rooted, place your Pink Muhlygrass into the garden. Can be direct sown in groups of 3 seeds, spaced 30 to 42 inches apart.

Grow Pink Muhlygrass: Full sun or part shade. Pink Muhly grass prefers fertile, well-drained soil with average to little water. The easy to grow, clump-forming plants tolerate poor soil, drought, heat, humidity, and air pollution and resist deer and rabbits. Can be grown near black walnut trees. Salt tolerant - Pink Muhlygrass can be placed in coastal gardens, or along roads that are salted in winter.

Dig Deeper: Pink Muhlygrass flower heads are beautiful additions to fresh or dried arrangements. Plants attract beneficial insects including ladybugs. Use groups of Pink Muhlygrass in mixed borders, in front of trees, shrubs, and fences, as a dramatic garden accent, or mass in large numbers for a stunning display. Cut plants back hard to 6 to 12 inches high in late winter to make room for new growth in spring.

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