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Green Buckwheat Seeds

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GREEN BUCKWHEAT Seeds Sprouting Organic 10G Microgreens Anticancer Microgreen


The rules are very simple and not difficult to follow:
  • Wash the seeds well with a small-hole sieve before soaking them;
  • Use clean water for washing and soaking the seeds;
  • Have clean dishes, in which you wash the seeds, soak and germinate (ideally, it is better to wash these dishes with a separate sponge);
  • Keep the sprouts in the fridge for 5 days maximum in a closed container
  • During the germination phase, it's better to keep them in a dark room with ~25-degree temperatures. At this time, the container should be closed with a membrane with holes or use a jar with a sieve cap. If there is a choice, it is better to leave the seeds in a dark room, where it is a little warmer than in other rooms;
  • Then you can grow microgreen by placing the seeds in a thin layer in a container and putting them in a well-lit place or continue to germinate in a jar, washing twice a day with water;
  • Keep the sprouts in the refrigerator for no more than 5 days in a closed container (container).
If you grow microgreen in soil, then the soil should be for sprouts, and not for indoor plants, since it may contain chemical additives. Don't use soil from your own if it contains pests.
Quantity: 10G / Bag
Package included: 1 x Green Buckwheat