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30 Dragon Fruit Mix Seeds - Seed World
30 Mixed Dragon Fruit Seeds
30 Mixed Dragon Fruit Seeds
30 Mixed Dragon Fruit Seeds

30 Mixed Dragon Fruit Seeds

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A beautiful plant that produces exotic fruits that have a sweet and sour taste similar to kiwi. This plant likes plenty of water with well-draining soil, yet is drought tolerant. These plants can take frost but do not like prolonged freezing temperatures. A great addition to any garden or flower bed. Does very well potted.

Seeds are very easy to cultivate and the survival rate is very high up to 80%, but due to a lot of natural factors. Pitaya Fruit, Pitahaya Fruit or commonly known as the Dragon fruit is among the most nutritious and wonderful exotic fruits.

In addition to being tasty and refreshing, this beautiful fruit boasts a lot of water and other vital minerals with varied nutritional ingredients.

Seed name: Dragon Fruit (Hylocereus pitahaya)
Seed description: tiny, roundish, black
Season: spring, summer, fall
Height: up to 5'
Bloom season: spring, summer, fall
Growing conditions: partial to full sun
Planting conditions: after the last frost
Seed depth: 1/8"
Days to germinate: 7 days to 3 months
Zones: 9-11