10 Lotus Flower seeds - Seed World
10 Lotus Flower seeds - Seed World
10 Lotus Flower seeds - Seed World
10 Lotus Flower seeds - Seed World
10 Lotus Flower seeds - Seed World
10 Lotus Flower seeds - Seed World

10 Lotus Flower seeds

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Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Easy
Classification: Novel Plant
Function: Beautifying
Style: Perennial
Size: Medium,Small
Climate: Temperate
Use: Outdoor Plants
Type: Aquatic Plants

1.Sowing: It can be sowed at any time of a year, just keep the water temperature to be above 14℃ and enough sunshine; it takes only 50 to 60 days from sowing to  blossoming, a little longer in autumn (60-80days), no dormant period.

2.Seed treatment: break a little mouth on the sunken end of the seed; do not  hurt the embryo, do not peel (Pls refer the picture for reference)

3.Seed germination: in summer, immerse the seeds in water of 20 ℃ -30 ℃, put seeds indoor and changed the water twice a day, it may germinate  around 1 week; After that, put it towards the sun, enough lighting and  never let it dry which is a must. It will outgrow fine root and 2 to 3  young lotus leaf after two weeks

4.Transplanting: choose a proper basin, put in half basin of garden soil or soil without any chemical pollution, immerse the soil with water but no fertilizer 2 weeks before you transplant the plant; carefully transplant the  seedlings into the soil, each one basin, proper of water after  transplanting (not over the lotus leaves) 

5.Autumn and winter management: 2-3 weeks after transplanting, fertilize the plants properly and keep it above 16℃

How to grow:

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I just recieves ,the lotus seeds

The lotus seeds are very healthy.
Looking forward to see they beauty bloom .
The company should on time matter
Love the idea of dealing with a good company.
Thanks for the prompt shipment
I give a PERFECT 5

Dax Emmerich

It came quickly. Took several kinds, everything is neatly packed and signed

Marty Crooks

Shipment is quick and polite. The quality was excellent. Thank you very much. Great shop. I will buy it again.

Brennan Pfannerstill

Germinated for 3 days, the main thing is to cut one edge of the grain, independently can germinate for a very long time. See para. Youtube instruction)))

Tavares Wisozk

Come, i do not know what will grow