5 Dark Purple Hydrangea Seeds - Seed World
5 Dark Purple Hydrangea Seeds - Seed World

5 Dark Purple Hydrangea Seeds

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Dark Purple Hydrangea Seeds Perennial Hardy Garden Shrub Bloom Flower

Who doesn’t love the no-drama hydrangea in the corner of the garden that quietly produces waves of big blossoms in summer? These easy-care plants are perfect for garden beginners and experts alike.

This is a perennial flower that can be grown throughout the year and regrow every spring. Seeds are easy to grow and will grow become beautiful flower that beautifies your plant collection.

Zone: 4-9 
Bloom- Summer-Fall
Light: Sun-Part Shade
Heat ToleranT

Grow Hydrangeas

It’s pretty easy to clone a hydrangea cultivar by rooting a cutting from that plant. But you can also propagate hydrangeas by collecting and sowing hydrangea seeds.

Growing hydrangeas from seed are exciting because seed-grown hydrangeas are unique. They are not clones of their parent plants and you don’t really know how a seed will turn out. Each of your seed-grown hydrangeas will be considered a new cultivar.

How to Grow Hydrangea from Seed

You can start sowing hydrangea seeds immediately after you harvest them. Alternatively, save them in a cool place until spring and start sowing them then.

In either case, the surface sows the seeds in a flat filled with potting soil. Keep the soil moist and protect the seeds from cold and wind.

They normally germinate in about 14 days.