Red Creeping Thyme Seeds

100 Red Creeping Thyme Seeds, Groundcover Heirloom Non-GMO

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Red Creeping Thyme Seeds Heirloom “Scarlet”

“Creeping Thyme” will draw butterflies to your gardens with its lemon scent! It’s a short, creeping perennial that is very drought and heat tolerant. A fast-growing ground cover that looks great in rock gardens, creeping thyme can fill bare spots in your yard quickly. It’s best suited for warmer climates, in more northern locations it’s described as an annual. Creeping thyme plants prefer a location in full sun to partial shade. Plant creeping thyme seeds in almost any king of well-draining soil. They rarely require watering after they’re established. Draw butterflies and other wildlife to your yard with this easy-to-grow groundcover!

These creeping thyme seeds are so tiny they look like dust specks, and they can wash away, so start your seeds indoors and get a jump on the season! Plant creeping thyme seeds six to eight weeks before the last frost, and transplant them outside when the weather warms up.

Height - 4" - 6"
Spread - 12" - 24"
Zones - 4 - 10

At least 85% germination.