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25 String of Pearls Succulent Seeds
Pearl Succulents seeds - Seed World
25 String of Pearls Succulent Seeds

25 String of Pearls Succulent Seeds

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String of Pearls Succulent Cactus Plant Seeds

Curio Rowleyanus 'String of Pearls' is a must-have for your succulent garden.

One of the most popular trailing succulents. Perfect for hanging planters or to add a spilling effect to your succulent arrangements.

A string of pearls is perfectly round and green and grows on a long thin string-like stem. If planted in your succulent garden they will grow as a ground cover.

All succulent lovers should have a pot full of “String of Pearls” in their succulent collection.

Product Type: Bonsai
Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy
Style: Annual
Model Number: bonsai
Use: Indoor Plants
Flowerpot: Excluded
Function: Beautifying
Size: Mini,Medium,Large,Small
Full-bloom Period: Autumn
Location: Living Room
Climate: Temperate
Applicable Constellation: Cancer
Type: Succulent Plant
Classification: Happy Farm
Variety: Chlorophytum